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Param Leathers, a leather item manufacturer and wholesaler in India - specifically from the city of tanneries - Kolkata, manufactures the finest quality leather-made goods like men's leather wallets, leather backpacks, leather key rings and leather key holders etc. Not only for males, but we also have items for females like womens leather wallets, leather handbags, leather sandals etc. All the items have given a dashing look, bold finish - but no compromise with quality. An extensive level of research and many years of manufacturing and exporting experience have gone into every aspect of the design and quality control of our leather products. 

Param Leathers is an leather goods manufacturer in India - with a small set from the city of export, Kolkata - entered the large and competitive international market of leather goods export business. By the virtue of management’s commitment, employee’s dedication, skill and experience, innovation and edge of modern technology, We are continuously stepped forward and appeared as an icon of quality on the desktop of the Leather industry.

Param Leathers has been growing at a steady appreciable pace increasing its market throughout the world, crossing the continental boundaries. Our products are getting overwhelmed response by foreign customers.


    “I've been told cow hide can have a stronger leather smell?"

                          It shouldn't. Unfortunately, there are many manufacturers and companies which are selling poor quality items made from low-quality leather at a very high cost - fooling the foreign clients - which has created this idea, and this can be the case if you buy from those sellers.

                         It’s basically down to the tanning process. Poorly tanning of leathers of any sort can carry an odor - largely an overly strong leather/earthy or even acrid smell that doesn't appeal to some people. We, however, ensure that our bags undergo the best possible practices from start to finish - beginning with making sure our hides are individually all handpicked for quality, not bought in bulk. We then have all the hides washed up to 6 times, before tanning. Only then are they tanned professionally to a high standard. We can assure you, unlike our competitors, our bags will only smell beautifully of real leather. 


We can easily offer world-class delivery alternatives by means of our long-term partnerships along with other leading international carriers. Our products mostly used in UK, USA, Canada, France, Spain, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Germany, Denmark, Singapore, Japan & Netherlands. Promote your brand creatively & economically with our Eco-friendly leather promotional products. If you are planning to buy Genuine Leather products for promotional purposes, you can buy directly from us with your own customization. We can ship anywhere in the world as quoted earlier.

All customers are warmly welcome to present their queries with Param Leathers. We can assure you, we will offer you excellent products and professional service.