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Leather hides got a fiber structure due to the long evolution of years. Due to this, traditionally, leather items got the advantage of scalability, durability and weather resistance power over standard synthetic materials.

In the modern era, there are so many materials that stand durable & beautiful looking. Then what are the actual benefits of using leather-made items nowadays, whereas we can easily utilize other synthetically made materials?

In this blog, we tried to discuss about advantages of leather over other synthetic materials. Here are some segments about the advantages -


Synthetically made materials such as plastics can stay in a landfill for a long time after we’re gone. In this case, leather is completely bio-degradable material. Owning leather for your fashion statement is an environmental friendly & trendy alternative!


Leather Items are one of the most durable items found in earth. In general, leather manufacturers always try to make the best they can make from their leather - treat it in such a way that will make it more resistant & durable. Though leather goods can be a bit expensive, but you can be sure that they will last years and look just as good.


Speaking about durability, we also have to speak out about the ageless characteristics of leather. Leather goods like leather bagsleather belts etc. always stays in style. These are the marks of a person who is steady and values strong foundations.

Style Statement

Being a very elegant material, leather its natural or dyed colour will always add a certain notch of quality to any design. Every item looks more powerful in leather. Like, leather wallet looks better than plastic wallets, leather passport wallets looks more authentic than plastic-made covers. Genuine pure leather won’t crack or peel.

Easier Cleaning

Being such a breathable material, the maintenance of leather goods are like knifing in butter. All you need to do that clean it with a damp cloth - just wipe out the surface and you’re good to go! Leather also stands as fungus, lint and dust resistant - so you don’t even need to worry about fighting against such things.


Generally, leather items are so much tough & unbreakable. With time, original & genuine leather turn outs to be more & more flexible while keeping its shape & strength. Flexibility makes leather a greater choice.


It's true that leather products actually cost more than synthetic leather items, but it lasts longer than others. So cost or wear ratio of leather is extremely small. Take as an example - you have bought a leather bag for $600, you will be using it for the next 10 years, which means that it costs you $60/year. If you use the bag 150 times in a year, the cost/use is $0.40.

From experience, we can assure you that some leather backpacks or other types of bags can very well last more than 10 years.

At the end, we can easily say that the leather stands as one of our favourite materials - as it is strong but works with you & your lifestyle. It is inexpensive and natural; it looks amazing and moreover- it’s extremely durable. 

Published On: Sep 08, 2020