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There are various options for leather-made goods available today. Whether it's about the home or office furnishings, your new car or shoes, daily accessories - the discussion has never been more heated. Genuine leather is one of the most desirable and visually appealing materials available in the market. It is considered a luxury product due to its ability to endure the legacy. Artificial leather like faux leather is just as common, as many fashion brands use it as a cheaper and more affordable option for bags, clothing and accessories for their customers.

Many people have mixed feelings about choosing real leather over artificially made leather. In this blog, we will compare both types of leather which can help you to determine the better choice for your need. 

Comfort - Genuine leather is made of natural material or animal skins. Though it’s treated, still it’s breathable, versatile and flexible in general. Artificial leather, on the other hand, tends to be stiff. Since it is a synthetic material, it lacks the natural character that real leather provides. 

Appearance - Real leather has the most natural look, but it comes in a small range of colours and has an uneven texture. Unlike artificial leather, real leather has a smooth, soft feel. Artificial leather may have the closest appearance to real leather and can even feel like real leather, but it can become fade from time to time. If you are going after look or appearance - natural leather can be the best option.

Breathability - In comparison to synthetic leather that can be difficult to clean, real leather is simple to maintain! All it takes is a simple wipe down with a damp cloth to make your original leather product look new. Leather tends to allow air to pass through, preventing the product from being moist.

Price - Genuine leather is normally a little bit costly because it has to go through several phases until it reaches the final product. It takes more time and resources, which is why it is more expensive. But in term of investment, it is pretty pocket-friendly as it’s more durable than synthetic leather - saves your money in the long run.

Durability - Natural leather is long-lasting and resistant to cracking and peeling. It also does not tear easily. But artificial leather can’t withstand cracking or peeling.

Eco-Friendly - Natural leather is biodegradable since it is made of collagen cells from animal skin that have been handled by tanning to delay or avoid the decay process, but it will ultimately decompose if not cared for or deliberately made to rot. Whereas synthetic leather takes a long time to decompose. As per some reports, PU can take over 500 years to mix with the earth. The more faux leather stays on earth, the more pollution it creates.


To conclude, the advantages of natural leather goods are undeniable. In addition to being one of the world's most common fabrics, it is sturdy, durable, affordable and most importantly - real. When opposed to synthetic leather, which is harmful to the environment and is produced cheaply, leather is the superior material. Spend your money wisely and purchase pieces that will last and make you stand out from the crowd.


Published On: Apr 04, 2021